There are a few things cadets can do to get into trouble.  Category I offenses are not very serious, and carry a penalty of 3 demerits each.  Category II offenses are more serious and carry a penalty of 6, 8, or 10 demerits.  Category III offenses are very serious, and will result in 15 or more demerits to expulsion.

Category I OffensesEdit

Offense Demerits
In need of shine 3
Failure to comply 3
In need of shave 3
Out of uniform 3
Unattended arms 3

Dirty arms

Rusty arms 3
Reading unauthorized material 3
Talking out of turn 3
Eating food outside of designated meal areas 3
Overdue library book 3
Running on the circle 3
Breaking in line 3
Failure to report delinquency 3
Failure to salute  3
Talking while at-ease 3
Unnecessary comments  3
Spitting 3
Late 3
Talking out of window 3
Too many cadets in room 3
Too many electrical plugs per outlet 3
Unprepared for check-off/inspection 3
Inattention in ranks 3

Moving in ranks

Eating in ranks 3

Category II OffensesEdit


Category III OffensesEdit


Penalty ToursEdit

Cadets start off every month with 10 "Credits"  for each demerit that is recieved, one credit is deducted.  When a cadet no longer has any "Credits" he will be required to serve penalty tours.  Each penalty tour consists of 30 minutes of difficult physical activity like flipping tractor tires, or running sprints up the hill behind Jacobson Hall.

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